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Here are some reviews from happy customers who have been enjoying our fresh bird feed and wanted to let us know their thoughts:


24 Oct 2022, 15:20

to me

Hi John and Sally

I wanted to thank you for all the lovely bird seed,nuts,sunflower seeds,fat balls and coconut halves that you supply to our shop in Hawkesbury Upton it sells so quickly we are always on the phone for more.

I use the mixed bird seed at home and the different birds that come to our bird station is fab Siskin,Green Finches,Great Tits,CoalTits and many Blue tits that now come to our garden, the seed is amazing no mess as the birds eat it all.

John you are so helpful and knowledgeable on birds and the mixes.


Kath (Manager)

★★★★★ "Many thanks for delivering my order within 12 hours. MUCH FASTER THAN AMAZON PRIME!"E. O'Brien, Hillesley, Glos

★★★★★ "Thank you! So nice to deal with a small company with excellent service & the birds love the food!" Dorian Ferdinando Bussage Glos 

★★★★★"Superb and worth fighting for. I've seen blackbirds, robins, starlings, and even blue tits visiting the ground feeder - with babies and for the first time I've seen the babies are actually trying to get Mum or Dad off the feed. It's very very popular with all the birds. So if you want lots of feathered visitors this is the food to get for them. SUPERB" ASE Surrey

★★★★★"Always obliging! Well Fed Birds always have a great variety in stock, the Robin and Songbird mix is full of goodness, the robins and little birds love it, it is always very fresh , delivery is prompt and John the owner is always polite and charming. Roger Lewis, Nailsworth Gloucestershire.

★★★★★ "I changed supplier about a year ago to Well Fed Birds and am very pleased with the prompt and personal service. The quality and range of the product has to date been first class." Joan Wilson, Cirencester

★★★★★ "Our garden birds have really gone wild for this feed. I'm pretty sure that our neighbour's garden will be looking quite barren since we've started using Well Fed Birds." Mrs Ringrose, Abingdon

★★★★★ "I can say that even more birds visit my garden since I started using Well Fed Birds seed. One of my neighbours commented ‘why do all the birds come to your garden and ignore mine?’ The level of service you offer is excellent, the personal touch, reliability and value for money. You can quote me any day" A. Spencer - Edwards  Shepperton

★★★★★ "Thanks John for giving us such a good service over the last year or so, and the quality and freshness of the bird food is excellent" Brian  M & B Stores, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire
★★★★★  "Well Fed Birds always have a great variety of bird food in stock. The food is very fresh and clean, the No Mess Premium with Aniseed is an excellent food as of course the Sunflower Hearts. Delivery is prompt and John is always polite and charming." Roger Lewis Nailsworth Gloucestershire
★★★★★  "Where to begin...Outstanding service, great knowledge in what is suitable for a city garden, and price you can't beat. Brings joy to look out on the birds everyday" R. Barley, Brixton, London 
★★★★ "I have been looking for bird feed (and solid, non-rust feeders) for a while, and honestly, been ripped off in standard hardware stores. Well Fed Birds are the answer. Thank you Well Fed Birds! Alfie Thompson, Somerset 
★★★★★  "Great service. Keeping the birds happy in lockdown. Ordered and delivered within 3 hours. Great stuff." Steve T Tetbury
★★★★★  "More birds in my garden than ever! I've noticed the variety of wild garden birds has dramatically increased since introducing this mix. They just can't seem to get enough of it! It also happens to be far better priced than buying though the garden shops, the service has been excellent with incredibly speedy delivery times. And it feels good to support a local business and hear our feathered friends in full song!" Henry Villiers London
★★★★★  "My very happy (if a little greedy) well fed birds!  My birds appear from behind bushes when l open the kitchen door each morning to re fill containers and scatter delicious 'no mess' bird seed. l think they are quite spoilt by the quality variety and freshness of the products that Well fed birds swiftly delivers to my door within 2 or 3 days of reordering." Angela Ringrose Oxfordshire

★★★★★ "My local bird population love this mix, the aniseed smell is fantastic and really hits your senses. It does exactly what it says on the bag." Steve Tetbury

★★★★★ "My garden birds cant get enough of the no mess they are literally queuing up . We ordered on line and got it in 48 hours excellent service" Simon Oxfordshire

★★★★★ "Great service. My wife and I are big supporters of feeding the garden birds and it shows by the variety of species that visit our garden, however because of the current virus situation it has been difficult to keep food stocks at a reasonable level, into we happened upon a local Wotton-under-Edge business, wellfedbirds@gmail.com, we ordered this morning and the feed was delivered this afternoon those of you who like to feed our feathered friends could do worse than giving them a look!"👌👍 Dan Kingswood Gloucestershire

★★★★★ "Very impressed with the freshness of the peanuts the wood peckers absolutely love them , first class service too." S.Ringrose Oxfordshire

★★★★★  "Flying off the shelf (excuse the pun). This time of year, our garden birds are loving the sunflower hearts! I've seen all 4 ports of the feeder busy with more birds waiting nearby. Great service and prompt delivery from Well Fed Birds. Much faster than the larger companies and very friendly too. Kirsty 
★★★★★ " The sunflower hearts are a huge success. I enjoy the company of sparrows, tits, chaffinches and a pair of blackbirds and a broody pigeon collecting crumbs from the table. Lovely company to deal with. Many thanks. AJT