Well Fed Birds are garden bird seed suppliers and offer a wide range of top quality fresh seeds and mixtures to attract a large variety of garden birds throughout the year. We pride ourselves in the quality, freshness and variety of our wild bird feed mixtures which we offer to our customers.

One of our premium mixtures, for example, "No Mess Premium Wild Bird Food" contains sixteen different ingredients all of which are attractive to a wide variety of birds. This mixture contains no wheat or husks and therefore there is absolutely no mess or waste left on the ground, because every ingredient is edible. It's an incredibly high quality fresh bird feed.

We do supply a cheap wild bird seed mix which has proved to be a very popular wild bird feed for ground feeding as well as from feeders or tables. This mixture contains wheat cut maize and five additional ingredients, the cheap wild bird seed mix is available in all our bag sizes.

We all know that it is a good idea to feed birds during the colder months but it’s actually very beneficial to feed them during the breeding season, because suddenly there are perhaps four times the numbers of mouths to feed with all the new arrivals.