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Thank you! So nice to deal with a small company with excellent service & the birds love the food!

Superb and worth fighting for. I've seen blackbirds, robins, starlings, and even blue tits visiting the ground feeder - with babies and for the first time I've seen the babies are actually trying to get Mum or Dad off the feed. It's very very popular with all the birds. So if you want lots of feathered visitors this is the food to get for them. SUPERB

I can say that even more birds visit my garden since I started using Well Fed Birds seed. One of my neighbours commented ‘why do all the birds come to your garden and ignore mine?’The level of service you offer is excellent, the personal touch, reliability and value for money. You can quote me any day

I have been looking for bird feed (and solid, non-rust feeders) for a while, and honestly, been ripped off in standard hardware stores. Well Fed Birds are the answer. Thank you Well Fed Birds!

Very impressed with the freshness of the peanuts the wood peckers absolutely love them , first class service too.

The sunflower hearts are a huge success. I enjoy the company of sparrows, tits, chaffinches and a pair of blackbirds and a broody pigeon collecting crumbs from the table. Lovely company to deal with. Many thanks.

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