About Us

John and Sally Burstal started Well Fed Birds as a small family run business in Gloucestershire in 2012.

 We provide top quality fresh garden bird food to folk who love their garden birds, it gives us all a huge amount of interest and pleasure. 

 None of our specialised bird feed mixes contain wheat (except Garden Wild Bird mix) wheat is basically a filler and attracts the larger species, pigeons, rooks and crows etc who push away the smaller birds like the nuthatches, long tail tits, black caps, sparrows, robins and so on. Wheat tends to be  flicked out of bird feeders on to the ground and lo and behold wheat is sprouting under the bird feeder! what a mess.

 Well Fed Birds started out when, disillusioned by having to pay very high prices for really low quality wheat filled  products, which were full of wheat and screenings at garden centres and country stores, we decided to start producing our own, high quality, thoroughly screened, thoroughly clean, fresh and  fairly priced bird food. Initially supplying friends and families, around Wotton Under Edge, Bristol, Tetbury, Cirencester Witney and Oxford and we were encouraged by the feedback that we received.

 If you haven't tried attracting birds to your garden then we highly recommend that you give it a go. It's an incredibly rewarding experience. You'll be amazed at how many different garden birds keep on coming back, and it really is incredibly simple.

 Well Fed Birds supply the general public, as well as a number of farm Shops, garden nurseries, hotels, village shops, ironmongers, private garden centres, here in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire & Herefordshire etc as well as those who buy from us via our online shop at www.wellfedbirds.com who come to us from London, Salisbury, Exeter, Norwich, Birmingham, Hereford, Norfolk Essex, and all over the country including Scotland. We generally use Parcel Force  to deliver orders that are not local, however we  usually deliver ourselves  to local customers around Wotton under Edge Tetbury, Cirencester Bristol Chippenham and so on.

 We supply top quality fresh, clean bird feed mixtures including Robin and Songbird, No Mess Premium, a No Grow mix  and straights such as peanuts, niger seed, quality sunflower hearts, dried mealworms and various suet products, including suet and seed filled half coconuts, along with a range of simple and reasonably priced bird feeders.

Hungry Gap

We supply special feed mixes  to farmers across the the country  during the winter Hungry Gap, which is the period during the winter, where natural bird feed is scarce  [December through to April ] The feed helps sustain bird populations during this difficult period in the birds' life cycle.

Goldfinches love sunflower hearts


If you have any questions about our well screened clean and  fresh bird feed, bird feeders or anything relating to garden birds then please contact me, John Burstal either by e mail wellfedbirds@gmail.com or  07817463392 and I will be very pleased to have a chat. Thanks.