About Us

John and Sally Burstal started Well Fed Birds as a small family run business based in Gloucestershire in 2012.

 We provide top quality fresh bird food for people like ourselves who get a lot of pleasure from feeding wild birds in the garden.

 It is worth noting that only one of our mixes contains wheat, which attracts the larger birds such as pigeons, rooks, jackdaws and  magpies who tend to dominate the feeding areas and push the smaller little birds away. We concentrate on the feed that attracts the birds we all want to see.

 Well Fed Birds started out when, disillusioned by having to pay very high prices for low quality products at garden centres and country stores, we decided to start producing our own, high quality fairly priced fresh bird food,initially supplying friends and families, and we were encouraged by the feedback that we received.

 If you haven't tried attracting birds to your garden then we highly recommend that you give it a go. It's an incredibly rewarding experience. You'll be amazed at how many different garden birds keep on coming back, and it really is incredibly simple.

 Well Fed Birds supply the general public, as well as a number of farm Shops, garden nurseries, hotels, Village Shops, ironmongers, private garden centres, as well as Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetland Trust here in Gloucestershire.

 We deliver top quality fresh bird feed mixtures and straights such as peanuts, niger seed, sunflower hearts, dried mealworms and various suet products, including suet and seed filled half coconuts, along with our range of rustic and attractive contemporary feeders, nest boxes, bird tables, bird houses, hedgehog houses and bee and bug biomes, most of which we source locally within Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties.

 If you have any questions about fresh bird feed, bird accessories or anything relating to garden birds  or dog food then please contact us either  by e mail wellfedbirds@gmail.com or on 01453 843366.

 After the success of our wild bird seed service we were contacted by some of our customers who asked if we could also provide dog food. We have therefore increased our product range to include Burns, Arden Grange, Chappie, Dr John, Iams, Burgess and more.