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Peanuts originated in Central America and are now grown in other parts of the world. They are rich in vitamins, fats, protein and fibre.

Peanuts for wild birds will attract many garden birds to your garden and of course woodpeckers really have a taste for peanuts. 


How Peanuts Grow

How Peanuts Grow

Unlike most plants, the peanut plant, flowers above the ground, but fruits below ground.

From planting to harvesting, the growing cycle of a peanut takes 4 to 5 months, depending on the type and variety.

Many people are surprised to learn that peanuts do not grow on trees like pecans or walnuts.

Peanuts are legumes, not tree nuts, since we refer to them as nuts at times. Peanuts for wild birds must be presented to them in suitable small mesh feeders otherwise there is a real danger of the wild bird peanuts choking those that have come to feed,especially the baby birds. 

The peanuts we buy are Aflatoxin (soil born fungus) tested which is very necessary so as to allay any risk of disease being spread to our garden wild birds. Wild bird peanuts are a hugely popular food, long may it continue!