• Fat Balls

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All birds enjoy these suet and seed filled fat balls.




Our fat balls for birds are made from premium quality suet, added to which there are various seeds such as maize, sunflower, wheat, and oats.

This appetizing mixture that goes to make up our fat balls for birds is very much welcomed by the garden birds and devoured avidly during the colder months of the year as well as during the breeding season; when the young ones and their parents very much enjoy feeding off the wild bird fat balls.

The wild bird fat balls can be fed scattered and crumbled upon the ground, where the larger birds generally tend to feed, such as jackdaws, pigeons, jays, crows, magpies and so on or can be placed in a feeder so the blue tits long tailed tits great tits finches nuthatches robins bullfinches and so on tend to feed.

Bird tables are also a suitable place, to put them, as well as an empty coconut shell hung up in a tree.