Well Fed Birds is a family business run by us, John and Sally Burstal. We live in Gloucestershire and have done for more than 35 years. We started the bird food business a couple of years ago, and in fact it was a matter of converting a hobby into a business.

We have always had great fun in watching the birds in the garden and listening to them chattering away, so here we are now supplying others with our specialised fresh bird food mixtures to all those that wish to attract loads of birds to their gardens; for example we have a robin and songbird mixture, which, as the name implies, attracts robins and songbirds. We have a special mixture which will not grow or germinate, plus mixtures without wheat or husks, thus there is no waste or mess left on the ground.

We have straights such as sunflower hearts, a favourite for the little birds, peanuts, loved of course by the woodpeckers, niger seed, a favourite of goldfinches and so on. As well as offering garden birds with food, we also supply hedgehog food, duck food and dog food.

Our list contains a number of energy rich suet products, which are an important way of attracting birds into our gardens. As we are wild bird food suppliers in the UK we offer an all year round "Garden Wild Bird Food Mixture" at a cheap price, the reason being is that this mixture contains a high proportion of wheat, and wheat is the cheapest ingredient contained in bird food mixtures, hence a cheap bird feed.