• Garden Wild Bird Food Mixture

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Feeding Guide : From a Feeder,Table or Ground Fed.

This mixture contains : wheat, cut maize, red dari, linseed, plain canary, black sunflower, black rapeseed, oil dressing.

Excellent all year round value for money bird food. This mixture will swell the number of feathered friends into your garden. 

A very well established and proven bird food mixture, the blend of seeds  has been created for putting into seed feeders, bird tables, or fed on the ground throughout the year. Loads of garden birds such as blue tits greenfinches, starlings, sparrows, siskins, great tits, blackbirds, pigeons, thrushes and lots of others will be seen feeding on this mix. 

Scatter it around on the ground and attract plenty of birds to your garden, but please keep an eye out for predators, if they are a problem feed from a bird table or feeder.

Our garden wild bird food is a year round favourite with garden wild birds, whether this garden wild bird food is spread around the garden on the grass or patio or fed from a feeder or bird table.

This food contains a high quality mixture of different bird seeds including wheat, cut maize, red dari,linseed ,plain canary, black rapeseed and oil dressing.The birds really appreciate this bird food mixture throughout the year.

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