• Niger Seed

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Attract lots of Goldfinches to your garden and you will be able to watch them feeding on these tiny black seeds.


 Two Siskins One Redpoll and Two Goldfinches enjoying their niger seed feast.


             Goldfinches tucking in


                                                    Niger Seed                

Niger, seed is a popular high energy seed preferred by small birds and finches.

Niger seeds for birds are grown in South East Asia, Africa and India, it is a very small black seed which is packed full of energy.

Niger seed for birds is especially popular during the winter months because it is during the cold weather that Finches, Goldfinches, Siskins and Red Polls require seeds with more oil and a higher calorie content so they are able to store up fat to survive colder temperatures , the protein content within the niger itself aids the regrowth of the birds feathers during their moulting period.

Niger seeds are best fed from a niger seed feeder, it is a good idea to use a heavy duty niger seed feeder because it is less likely to be blown around in the wind and spill the seed.

To prevent waste of the food, it is better to get a feeder with a tray attached.