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February 2015  Blackbirds !

February 2015 Blackbirds !

February 2015 Blackbirds !

Wow! we have never before  had so many blackbirds visiting our feeders in the garden, it must be because last spring was such a good breeding time for all garden birds.

The blackbirds are doing a lot of balancing acts on the branches trying and succeeding in eating the suet blocks, as well as feeding off the sunflower hearts which we have on offer in seed feeders.

The feeders are being replenished regularly as our usual favourites, robins, blue tits, nuthatches, chaffinches, sparrows, woodpeckers, great tits, goldfinches longtailed tits and wagtails and so on are all making the most of the various high energy  mixtures we have on offer for them, but they don't seem to be that keen on the peanuts and fat balls and actually or the niger seed this year; if the trueth were known they probably have too much choice but who cares as long as they feed well and are sustained during this cold and changeable weather.

I hope you get lots of pleasure out of watching these lovely birds in your garden.

Best wishes,