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  • How to Attract Birds to your Garden This Summer

    How To Attract Birds to your Garden This Summer

    Well, the bank holiday weekend is upon us, and with the forecast looking quietly promising it's a great time to starting thinking about the summer. Many of us enjoy spending time in the garden, whether relaxing alone or enjoying time with friends or family. There are few things more enjoyable than hearing birdsong from your garden, whether you've got a large country garden or a smaller city courtyard. In this article we'll be sharing a few easy ways to attract birds to your garden this summer.

    How to Attract Birds to your Garden This Summer

    It might sound obvious, but the best way to attract birds to your garden this summer is to make sure that you provide plenty of food. This is particularly important because of the

    Now is the time to help all the adult birds who come to our gardens eat from our bird tables and feeders. They will be busy looking after their young, desperately trying to find enough food to feed the growing appetites of their offspring. Because adult birds will be continuously hunting for food, both for themselves and their young, it's a great time to think about choosing suitable bird food that will help to attract them to your garden.

    Here are a couple of good options.

    Dried mealworms are a high protein feed and a great option for attracting birds to your garden. However, it's important to remember to soak the dried mealworms before putting them out into your bird feeder or bird table. This is necessary because a whole mealworm may well choke the chicks.

    Another good option is to put out suet blocks for wild birds. These are a very popular feed for woodpeckers and blue tits, and throughout much of south/central England and Wales will also help to attract nuthatches breeding in the area. Nutritious, high quality bird food will help to ensure that wild birds in your area are attracted to your garden.

    There are several other key steps that you can take if you're going to attract birds to your garden this summer. We'll be covering some more of these in another blog post, but broadly speaking you need to make sure that your garden is safe and covered enough for birds to feed.

    Our usual range of attractively priced high quality bird seed mixes and straights are all available on our website or if you prefer just give John and Sally  a ring on 01453 843366 and we will chat through what would be appropriate for you and your garden birds.

    We hope that you have a great summer and manage to attract many wild birds to your garden to share it with you.

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